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HCoating , trademark registered abrasion-resistant coatings for polymeric and other substrates, is the success of Arotek's proprietary IMA (Intra-Molecular Altering) technology. The coating compositions comprise several new synthetic substances developed and fully characterized by Arotek, which were also identified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and approved for manufacturing by the Environment Protection Agency of U.S. Government (EPA). This key element protects HCoating from any patent claims. Because of the unique ingredients self-supplied, HCoating series products have outperformed competitions in all aspects of othphalmic lens applications: Super hardness, excellent adhesion, fast tinting, non-solvent based, stable viscosity, and at least 10% lower pricing. Click to see Comparision Chart. Now, HCoating extends its usage to general optical coating industries.

Water Droplet On Coated Lens

HCoating is a UV-curable hard coat, much more scratch-resistant than most UV coatings commercially available. It can be cured under UV light in seconds. Once cured, HCoating adheres to all kinds of lens materials including Polycarbonate, CR-39, Trivex, Mid Index, and High Index (up to index 1.74) lenses. It brings super hydrophobicity to the surface of the lens, protecting the lens from contamination. It is crystal clear and tints to a true color in about 15 minutes (HCoating-BT). Coating quality was validated by COLTS Laboratories. HCoating is compatible not only with conventional vacuum AR (anti-reflective, anti-reflection) coatings, but also with novel sol-gel based AR coating. Due to its strong adhesion to anti-reflective coatings, the Bayer abrasion ratios after AR coatings on both HB and AB base hard coat are at the top compared to other tintable hard coatings; close to thermally cured hard coatings. HCoating has the ingredients of stable viscosity, and is substantially solvent-free, so that its viscosity will not change much during long-term applications (six months and beyond). HCoating is welcomed by optical labs worldwide, because it is environment- and user-friendly. It is applicable in existing lens coating machines (spin coaters), and is also miscible and co-curable with other non-volatile (NV) UV- coatings. No operational change is required for switching to HCoating.

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